Medical Facility Positioning

The Drop Positioning System has made us founders truly proud by bringing new meaning to our tech through saving lives and the vast technological advancements we could implement in our medical system.

How do we save lives? – By the ability to vector the-nearest-doctor-to-patient during emergency situations, we were literally able to shave minutes and that breakthrough has bought precious extra minutes for surgeons, specialists, ER doctors alike. Doctors are able to get to patients quicker. Nurses are now able to quickly find medical supplies, surgical tools, blood bags, doctor personnel etc. The technology we have created for this particular arena does not just serve the purpose of streamlining work processes, or save time – DROP is now pivotal in its function, has a direct impact and crucial in contributing to the hospital’s lifelong mission in saving more lives.

Features not limited to the following:

  • Nearest-doctor-to-patient
  • LIVE hospital map
  • LIVE inventorying of medical supplies
  • LIVE tracking of patients
  • Tracking of Consultation queue number