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The idea for DROP Positioning Systems was conceived on February 16th 2014 between 3 individuals – Yuey, Ben and I. We were discussing fervently amongst ourselves on the idea of positioning individuals in an enclosed space accurately. Back then google map was pervasive and available on virtually every smartphone, but a piece of the jigsaw was blatantly missing – there were outdoor maps but there were NO INDOOR maps.

Thus, we took it upon ourselves to create this missing jigsaw piece as a trio, the technical brain (Ben), the creative marketing brain (Laurence) and last but not least our esteemed legal-trained brain (Yuey). After endless hours of research and development, Drop positioning Systems no longer was a dream but a new found technological breakthrough that is now a reality and the 3 of us never looked back ever since…

What we do every living moment

We literally breathe technology – eat, sleep and think of it perpetually. We build indoor maps, create live inventorying systems and innovate tirelessly every single day. Our focus has been to constantly enhance accuracy of the positioning capabilities of DROP.
From the meagre 10metre accuracy we accomplished at the start which allowed us to penetrate the retail space, we subsequently progressed to 1metre accuracy which furthered and created new business opportunities with the commercial warehouse sector.

Our recent technological breakthrough came about only recently when we were finally able to provide precise-to-the-item accuracy and that allowed us to aid with medical inventorying which required very precise item level location positioning – this is the current pinnacle of Drop’s capabilities.

However, the pursuit to further fine tune the accuracy of our technology does not end here. We have also ventured into customizing tailor made solutions and creating new features for each uniquely installed DROP system which has successfully allowed our clients to identify with and ensuring that our system continues to stay relevant and value-add to their respective businesses.

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